Secretariat Staff Directory (a part of)

*Some staff may also take responsibilities at CMEC)

Office of the Director General 

  • Louis Lizotte*, Interim Director General email


  • Stephanie Robb*, Administrative Assistant email

Financial Services 

  • Nicole Cloutier*, Coordinator email

Education and Literacy 

  • Natalia Ronda*, Coordinator of literacy email
  • Amanda Hodgkinson*, Coordinator of R&D email


  • Antonella Manca-Mangoff*, Coordinator email
  • Richard Li, Managing Director of China email
  • Sylvie Duong, Managing Director if Japan email

What does IEAWC do?
Members work through IEAWC on a wide variety of international education activities, projects, and initiatives. For example, IEAWC

  • assesses the skills and competencies of international students in Canada;
  • develops and reports on education indicators;
  • consults and acts on a variety of offshore schools issues in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education.

In 2013, following the Learn Canada 2020, which released by CMEC, a joint ministerial statement that underscores provincial and territorial responsibility for the four pillars of lifelong learning — early childhood learning and development, elementary and secondary schooling, postsecondary education, and adult learning and skills development — and proposes working collaboratively with key partners and stakeholders to ensure that all Canadians benefit from the strength and diversity of provincial and territorial education systems as well as pass the benefits to all the international students who take education in Canada.

What is IEAWC?

​The International Education Association of Western Canada (IEAWC) is an non-profitable organization founded in 2013 by ministers of education to serve as:

  • a forum to discuss Canadian offshore schools issues;
  • a mechanism through which to undertake international education activities, projects, and initiatives in areas of mutual interest;
  • a means by which to consult and cooperate with international education organizations; and
  • an instrument to represent the education interests of the western provinces and territories internationally.

IEAWC is governed by an Agreed Memorandum approved by all members. A Chair is elected every two years based on rotation among the members.